Doors and hatches





These superyacht quality doors and hatches are custom made according to the specifications requested by the customer and the standards of the required Class Authorities and can be certified by all these leading Class Authorities (as Lloyd’s, ABS, Rina, DNV and MCA).

Hinged doors
Doors can be delivered Spraytight, weathertight or watertight, the doors and frames are produced from aluminium or stainless steel. With or without glass, standard hinges or conceiled hinges. Tightness is guaranteed by 3 to 6 cleats moved by handwheel or handle or with locks that can be operated from the inside or outside. Possible options are; alarm, window, internal/external lock and insulation.

Pantograph doors
These doors are weathertight and feature a pantograph movement, used also with non-flat surfaces. The opening system can be either manual or automatic, with various automated and control solutions. The max net width of the door is 900 mm; for greater clearance, two-panel doors are required.

Companionway hatches
The sliding hatchways are built to the customer’s specifications in polished 316 L stainless steel and can be in the sharp edge or beveled version. Closure can be the weathertight or watertight, the closure is guaranteed by gaskets and labyrinth seals for the collection and discharge of water.
The hatches are equipped with a lock and a blocking system for open position. These hatches are also available in a version with 12/24 or 220 V automated mechanism and in an “emergency escape” version.

The watertight hatches are made according to customer specifications, either flush with the deck or projecting. They are constructed in 316L stainless steel or Peraluman and can be supplied unpainted or prepared for teak paneling. Watertightness is guaranteed by 4 cleats moved internally by a handwheel, externally by a removable star-winch handle.
They come with drainage for draining water, and are equipped with either gas pistons for facilitating opening/closing or hydraulic pistons, if requested. All visible stainless steel parts are mirror polished.