Rotating sun beds

These high end products are exclusively developed for a demanding clientele that wish to be constantly surprised. The features on the Lasy Solar include its groundbreaking ‘sun tracking’ technology, which thanks to a series of discreet light sensors enables the bed to automatically rotate and follow the sun’s rays as it moves throughout the day – resulting in optimal sun bathing positioning at all times.


At 2.6m in diameter, the Lasy Solar is equivalent in size to a queen size bed and can continuously rotate 360 degrees in either direction via remote iPod or iPhone operation. To keep things cool, the refreshing mist breeze system automatically deploys a fine water mist across the bather.

Integrated led lights around the perimeter gives the Lasy Solar additional ambience after sunset.

The marine grade leather repels the heat and lotion stains, making it both luxurious and durable.