Clean air unit

Our clean air unit takes care of highly efficient aircleaning and odour removal based on active filter technology. It is a powerful and cost-effective air filter technology that provides air that is sterilized  (germs and viruses are removed), guaranteed odor-free and cleansed of pollutants and residues. It can be used in combination with a range hood in the galley or pantries but also as clean air unit combined with the HVAC system or as standalone unit per cabin. This system also helps people with pollen allergy and asthma.


Because the system is based on recirculation no ducting to the outside of the yacht is needed. With recirculation the system is also very energy efficient as there is also no loss of cooled or heated air to the outside of the yacht.


Particles and dust are pre-filtered; the pollutant gases subsequently oxidize through ’cold combustion’ in atmospheric, normal-pressure plasma. Germs and odor molecules are decomposed at the molecular level. Non-combusted compounds become caught in an activated carbon storage reactor that continually regenerates itself by means of plasma flow. The sole end products are; oxygen, atmospheric moisture and CO2. The system is environmentally friendly, power-saving and quiet.


This technology is developed from 1992 and is used in many industrial plants, professional catering businesses, hospitals and households.